Kumarika Hair Fall Control Hair Oil


Vitamin E of Almond – nourishes scalp and makes hair smooth and shiny.
Brahmi – provide extra nutrition.
Amla – Strengthens the root of the hair.
Aloe-Vera – Adds moisture to the scalp and hair.
Virgin coconut oil – makes hair thick, black and smooth.
Mukunuwenna – helps to grow hair and makes hair shiny.
Vetiver – helps to maintain good healthy scalp.

Country of Origin: Bangladesh.



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Brand: MayaThe unique combination of natural and herbal extracts of Brahmi, Amla, Aloe Vera, Coconut, Mukunuwenna and Vetiver – contained in Kumarika Hair Oil provides extra nourishment to help control hair fall. Makes hair lively and lustrous. When used regularly it replaces the natural oils that the hair loses on a regular basis and strengthens each strand.

Brahmi, Amla, Aloe Provides extra nourishment. Helps grow new hair. Controls hair fall. Keeps hair smooth.

Enriched with finest natural vitamin E from Almond and 2X natural extracts for extra nourishment , stronger, thicker and livelier hair than ever before.

Country of Origin: Bangladesh.


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